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16 Aug

Digital Digest, Volume 3 – 22 new stories and developments you won’t want to miss!

by Damian Radcliffe

Another month, another Digital Digest.   Before we all break for Eid, here’s a chance to get up to date with the latest developments from the Middle East, as well as wider global trends and ideas which may be of interest to our region. As always, please feel free to share these slides. You can […]

31 Mar

Cyber-music or music? Such a tough choice to make

by Anirudh Sharma

Do you like cyber-music? If your answer is in the affirmative, could you please explain the difference between music and cyber-music? Fret not if you can’t. Instead, ask Marcus J. Ranum, credited for many innovations in the firewall technology, the same question and he will retort: “Does putting ‘cyber’ in front of something automatically mean it’s new, […]