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31 Jan

How To Be More Transparent and Engaged Online? Ideas from Clay Shirky

by Chris Wolz

The internet presents amazing opportunities – but also a lot of challenges – for organizations who have been  (until now) very traditional in their approach to external communications. The opportunity for organizations like foundations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, is how and where to use the web for greater openness and interactivity. I was at […]

14 Jan

The Content Strategist as Digital Curator

by Brian Wesolowski

I never thought of my organization’s website as an art exhibition, but after reading Erin Scime’s article posted on the very informative blog A List Apart, maybe I should. Erin uses the metaphor of web strategists as curators to help explain the importance of how online information and resources are shared to a web audience. […]

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07 Dec

Effective Web Strategy: Getting Me to Take Action!

by Chris Wolz

When I’m assessing the success of a web site these days, one thing I increasingly look for is how well a site drives me – the web site visitor – to take some action. I look to see how effectively the web site actually moves me to do something beyond just reading its web pages. […]

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