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15 May

Is Your Website Ready for Mobile Technology?

by Sarah Spendiff

Here is the situation: More and more people are accessing the Internet from mobile devices. Here is the problem: Many websites are not geared up to be viewed in this way and with screens being so many shapes and sizes, data can go missing. Here is the solution: Responsive Design – designed for digital technology on […]

27 Nov

Moderately Refreshed

by Denise Mc Manus

Having started a website business in 2007, my partner and I initially worked on the Business Strategy following all the lessons learned along the course of our careers. We went on courses on how to best design an online site, set up the backend with precision and an SEO strategy with our developer.  The business […]

10 Mar

Critiquing Web Design

by Brian Wesolowski

We might not all understand sitemaps, search engine optimization or accessibility functions, but all of us are experts on website design – or so we think. Without question, web design is the first piece of a website that is critiqued by both professional web designers and amateurs alike. As someone that falls into the second […]

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