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20 Jun

Introducing Our All New DIGITAL DIGEST

by Damian Radcliffe

The Digital Digest harnesses and analyzes the very latest trends and developments impacting Qatar and the MENA region The use of the Internet and communication technology is growing rapidly, perhaps more so in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region than anywhere else. Alongside this, recent political changes in the region have resulted in […]

24 Nov

Wikipedia Fellow Brings GLAM to Qatar

by Brian Wesolowski

Editing an online encyclopedia may not sound glamorous, but for Liam Wyatt, Wikimedia’s GLAM fellow (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museum), it certainly is, and it’s about far more than glamour. The world’s online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, is about making human knowledge freely available to everyone in their own language, and Liam believes cultural institutions should play […]

26 Jul

10 Reasons Why We Want Arabic Hashtags on Twitter!

by مينا ناجي

If you are an Arabic speaker and on Twitter, you’ve probably come across the increasing demands from the Arabic-speaking community in Qatar and the Arab world for Twitter to start supporting Arabic hashtags. With the #letstweetinarabic movement going strong in Qatar and spreading in other Arab countries, Twitter is increasingly becoming a hub for quality […]