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08 Jul

Our 25 top MENA and global ICT stories from Q2 2013

by Damian Radcliffe

The last three months have seen the publication of a number of detailed research reports looking at the ICT experience of users in the Middle East. These include: New data on MENA Internet usage, The publication of the 5th Arab Social Media Report, A report into Arab Media Use which demonstrated how social networks (and […]

20 Jun

Introducing Our All New DIGITAL DIGEST

by Damian Radcliffe

The Digital Digest harnesses and analyzes the very latest trends and developments impacting Qatar and the MENA region The use of the Internet and communication technology is growing rapidly, perhaps more so in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region than anywhere else. Alongside this, recent political changes in the region have resulted in […]

01 Apr

foursquare: The Next Mayor of Doha

by Brian Wesolowski

One of the hottest new social networks is foursquare, with some even calling it the next Twitter. It already has more than 700,000 users in less than a year of existence so I figured it was time to join and check it out. foursquare is predominately a mobile social network and the concept is somewhat […]