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15 Aug


by Sarah Spendiff

Now that the cheering and hype for the London 2012 Olympics is over, the cleaning up and reassessing begins. This Olympics was hailed as a truly social media extravaganza so who were the social media winners and what were the scores? The Games kicked off with just less than 3 million tweets on day one […]

08 Jul

Are Companies in MENA using Social Media well?

by Sarah Spendiff

Apparently not according to views gathered on a recent survey. One of the region’s largest employment agencies, Bayt conducted an online survey of over 15,000 respondents last month asking the above question. Click on the stylish infographic to get detailed results – but the gist of their survey can be found below. The question Bayt […]

24 May

Flog Your Blog: Getting It Reddit

by Guest Blogger

Blogging is on the increase in Qatar with several active blogs here. ictQATAR recently held a blogging workshop for ‘Women in ICT’ day and have put together this mini series as a guide on how to ensure the widest possible readership of your blog. Next time on Flog your Blog – Being Socially Networked! Most […]

30 Apr

LinkedIn + Video = Increased Employability

by Sarah Spendiff

This week LinkedIn launched an app for iPad users, essentially adding some seductive features, such as a useful calendar tool that can sync with your existing work calendar, linking to the LinkedIn profiles of the people you’re meeting with. A LinkedIn spokesperson said, “Smart professionals are doing more research on people for meetings, partnerships and […]

21 Mar

Designing a Social Media Strategy

by cashel

Social media sites represent the fastest growing segment of the web. How does an organization best develop a strategy for effective use of social media? In this post we’ll outline key components of an effective social media strategy. What is Social Media? “Social media” refers to web sites in which users can communicate with other […]