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21 Apr

Using A Smartphone In 2013, The Original Way

by Anirudh Sharma

How many of us end up buying a smartphone device but never get around to subscribing to a data plan to go with it? I am one. I am happy to use my smartphone just for: making or receiving telephone calls sending text message receiving text messages (mostly from my spouse asking me to buy […]

29 Jan

They Are Young, Tech-savvy, and Totally Connected

by Anirudh Sharma

Let me introduce you to my friend Abdulla! He’s Qatari, in his early 20s, extremely smart, fit, polite, always well-groomed and very, very tech-savvy. His love for technology can be also evidenced by listing the vast collection of tech-armor he has – he owns three smartphones, four tablets, two laptops, a desktop, the latest range […]