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14 Jan

My Digital New Year’s Resolutions

by Brian Wesolowski

Happy 2013, Qatar! I’m a couple weeks late, but with the New Year still in its first month, I figured I could still share my digital resolutions for the year. These resolutions won’t be about weight loss or stopping smoking. Rather, my digital resolutions are about how I can be a better digital citizen and […]

25 Jun

Flame & Stuxnet: From Viruses to Cyperweapons

by Nadim Rifai

Part 1: Stuxnet. Malware, viruses, cyber threats generally are getting more and more sophisticated and now there is that other threat, the new kid on the digital block – ‘cyber-weapons’. How much do you actually know about these?  There was a media, technology, security, and political frenzy over the recently discovered Flame and Stuxnet viruses, […]

23 Jan

Delete that SPAM

by Denise Mc Manus

Spam!  I have over the last few days listened to my business partner’s exasperated sighs over the approximately 2000 spam mails he received while on holiday for just over two weeks, his frustration is understandable, the solution ongoing. Everyone I know has been approached by X who has a fortune that she will share with […]

03 Nov

Sheep Have Never Been So Scary: Firesheep Exposes Major Security Gaps in Prominent Websites

by Brian Wesolowski

On a lot of major website, we start by logging in using our username and password. In an earlier post, I shared some findings on how to make your password stronger. So, armed with a strong password, you should feel secure after logging in, right? Don’t be so sure. A recently developed application has exposed […]