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24 May

Plagiarism: Be Careful What You Write

by Editorial Team

The Internet has made it easy for everyone to access information on diverse topics. However, you need to be more vigilant while using information in assignments and project work. Sometimes it so happens that you refer information from many sources (websites, books etc.) and forget the source later on. It is very important that whenever […]

10 Apr

Approach to Cyberbullying Prevention at Schools

by Editorial Team

The impact of cyberbullying on the lives of young people is undoubtedly drastic. Most of the emotional traumas endured by teenagers are linked to social interactions they have in school and extended to after-school hours over the Internet. Policies, guidelines and protocols will be effective only when parents coordinate with school officials and work in […]

18 Mar

Social Engineering – Most Challenging Cyber Security Threats

by Editorial Team

When you hear of frauds, tricking or duping people of their money by using fake credit cards or breaking into Government websites or one’s private social media sites, you cannot remain unaffected. You may wonder how these people do this when there are so many IT Security tools being used. In this blog post, you […]