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07 Apr

Top Q1 Digital Developments from MENA and around the world

by Damian Radcliffe

Readers of Digital Qatar may have spotted some of our semi-regular round-ups highlighting digital and tech developments in both the Middle East and globally. These “Digital Digests” take the form of slides which you can download, share, embed or use for your own purposes (just be sure to credit us!). The 2012 issues proved to be very popular, […]

19 Apr

Qatar’s ICT Landscape Report: Not Just Crunching Numbers!

by Anirudh Sharma

Do you feel elated that Qatar has moved 5 places up to be the 25th most networked ready-nations in the world? Before you answer, remember that this piece of news is based on hard facts gathered and analyzed by the Global Information and Technology Report 2010-2011. Honestly, being ranked 25th out of 138 developed and […]

24 Feb

Managing your e-Waste

by Brian Wesolowski

Welcome ictQATAR’s Open Source Analyst Aysha Siddique to Digital Qatar! She shares her insight on the how to battle the growing problem of e-waste. Many of us in the Net –generation are early adopters of new technology as we use and accumulate the rapidly developing ‘best, latest, and coolest’ technologies and inevitably find little or […]