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12 Jan

Fed up of Facebook? Survey defies that feeling

by Anirudh Sharma

I can’t remember how many times I have wanted to deactivate my Facebook account. Especially after spending a good few hours clicking through pictures, links, jokes, news, and other random things shared by my FB friends. But have I actually deactivated my account – well maybe once or twice and that too just to avoid […]

30 May

Flog your Blog: Being Social

by Sarah Spendiff

Blogging is on the increase in Qatar with several active blogs here. ictQATAR recently held a blogging workshop for ‘Women in ICT’ day and have put together this mini series a guide to  ensure the widest possible readership of your blog. Last time Flog your Blog; Getting it Reddit illustrated how to use social bookmarking to promote […]

06 Feb

Are you Pinterested?

by Brian Wesolowski

By now you’ve probably heard some buzz about Pinterest. It’s the hot new social bookmarking site that some are predicting will be the next big driver of online retail sales. After asking for an invite and starting to explore Pinterest about 2 weeks ago, I must admit I’m hooked and can see huge growth potential. […]