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06 Apr

Access For All – Bridging Qatar’s Digital Divide

by Anirudh Sharma

Editor’s Note: This blog has been contributed by Patricia Quinn, Senior ICT Adoption Specialist from the ICT & Society Division of the Ministry of Information & Communications Technology. Are you living away from home? How do you keep in touch with loved ones back home? Is it through your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer? Not […]

19 Apr

Qatar’s ICT Landscape Report: Not Just Crunching Numbers!

by Anirudh Sharma

Do you feel elated that Qatar has moved 5 places up to be the 25th most networked ready-nations in the world? Before you answer, remember that this piece of news is based on hard facts gathered and analyzed by the Global Information and Technology Report 2010-2011. Honestly, being ranked 25th out of 138 developed and […]