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08 Oct

The State of the Net in Qatar

by William Nestor

Northwestern University in Qatar’s third Media Industries Forum brings to lights a plethora of interesting and relevant research results regarding digital content, e-commerce, internet usage and sentiments towards speaking your mind online in Qatar. The results from various studies and surveys were discussed during the forum by many leading representatives in publishing, electronic media, digital […]

14 Mar

Preserving Qatar’s Rich Heritage and Culture

by Denise Mc Manus

The challenge of preserving heritage is a defining factor in every country’s management of its history and culture.  The world has experienced too many disasters where the heritage of a nation is lost due to war, fire, natural disasters, or negligence. With this knowledge the region has taken upon itself to start preserving some of […]

02 Feb

Journalists between Danger and Truth

by خولة عقيل الحمادي

  Technology plays an important role in journalism. It enables us to witness, hear and live worldwide events between countries without being there, or putting our lives at risk. As recent events in this region have shown us, journalists play a crucial role in society. They are the impartial witnesses to war, up-risings, corruption and […]