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27 Aug

B2B Lead Generation: Your Business Needs Holistic Marketing

by Julia Astashkina

I often get questions about a single unique marketing strategy, such as outdoor advertising or social media, and I find myself get into conversations of why businesses, especially in a B2B space should diversify their efforts across many campaigns. I see some regional tech companies putting a lot of emphasis on events or social media […]

25 Aug

Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

by Julia Astashkina

We hope you followed our recommendations on how to publish a blog and have just published your latest post. You spent time sweating over the headline, the introduction is stellar, and this is the best article that you’ve ever written. Months later though, nothing happens – people are not lining up to interview you and […]

21 Nov

5 Naming Tips for Businesses and Products

by Julia Astashkina

Perhaps you’re launching a new business, or maybe it’s time to give a facelift to your whole brand, because your name doesn’t reflect what you do as a company any more. Whatever the situation is, you need a new name—and choosing one can be harder than it looks. Here, at ictQATAR, we’ve launched nearly a […]

02 Oct

The Allure of Twitter: 5 Tips for Businesses in Qatar

by Julia Astashkina

Consider this, there are nearly 60,000 users from Qatar on Twitter, and Arabic is the fastest growing language on that platform. Not surprisingly, many companies in Doha are already using or at least considering Twitter for building brand awareness, online public relations, getting customer feedback, and even leads. Yet just like any other social media […]