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04 Jan

The Rise and Rise of Smart…

by Mark Jenkins

Smart! The new buzz word for urban development in the 21st century. Smart cities, smart communities, smart society. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the industrial revolution created the wealth to build roads and railways that brought people closer together. 150 years later mobile communications meant that people didn’t need to be, well, mobile anymore. […]

13 Apr

Join the Internet Society Twitter Jams

by Brian Wesolowski

For those of you who were lucky enough to hear Michael Nelson from Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture and Technology program at his recent talk in Doha, you likely left wanting to know more about the future of the internet. He covered the collaboration phase of the internet, the Internet of Things, the coming Exaflood and […]

25 Mar

The Internet of Things

by Brian Wesolowski

I often like to think that I am fairly knowledgeable about internet trends. I can talk social media and Web 2.0, but I must admit the concept of the “Internet of Things” was a bit confusing to me. That was, until I watched this video. It’s easy to understand now why the concept of the […]