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18 Feb

Our Top 10 Social Media Developments In MENA

by Damian Radcliffe

If you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – and I suspect most Digital Qatar readers are – then it’s easy to forget that actually you’re in a minority. Most other people in the region aren’t on social networks, but they are joining – and engaging – in ever increasing numbers. For example, 36,000 new people […]

06 Aug

Social Funnies – a Light Hearted Look @ Social Media

by Sarah Spendiff

Listen up – Facebook is the only place where it is OK to talk to the wall! And other very funny signs have been circulating the web recently. Here is a roundup of the funniest we found to lighten the load this weekend. And let’s face it – it wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t […]

15 Apr

Instagram’s Instant Billionaires

by Sarah Spendiff

It has been a big month for Instagram, the free photo sharing app which allows you to instantly upload photos across multiple platforms and be creative with it at the same time. Firstly on April 3 Instagram for Android was released, potentially boosting its already burgeoning customer base. Prior to that it could only be […]