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28 Dec

Getting in Touch

by Moomin Kheir

Recently Haptic technologies – tools that buzz, vibrate, or communicate through the skin, have begun to flourish. Car manufacturers are producing drivers’ seats that vibrate in the direction of an impending collision and Apple has developed and released a new smart watch that can deliver taps of different intensity to your wrist to communicate everything […]

28 Aug

Gold … Paper … Bitcoins

by Kummam Al Maadeed

The economy of mankind has developed from a simple Barter system, the use of gold and silver coins to the banknote and paper money stashed in maximum security vaults.  The process took thousands and hundreds of years and now as we’re developing, very rapidly if I may say, into a digital world, we are faced […]

26 May

Let’s celebrate MENA region innovations

by منى يونس

“Innovating Today for the Future of Qatar” is the slogan of this year’s QITCOM, Qatar’s largest IT conference and exhibition. The event is going on at the Qatar National Convention Centre and will last till May 28, 2014. In line with that, this month’s Top 10 looks at ICT innovations from around the Middle East. […]