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26 Sep

Team Qatar Makes An Impact At Global Youth Summit

by William Nestor

It was an incredible experience to be part a group of young professionals working in Qatar who recently travelled to San José, Costa Rica to participate at the BYND 2015 Global Youth Summit. The three-day summit offered a platform for young people to lend their voice and influence decisions at the United Nations post-2015, and […]

19 Sep

How Consumers Can Resolve Problems With Telecom Providers

by William Nestor

With new technology spreading faster than ever in Qatar, it is important to stay well informed from a consumer perspective. ictQATAR’s Consumer and Government Affairs department develops telecommunications consumer policies and serves as the agency’s connection to the Qatari consumer. The organization continually promotes a safe and competitive telecoms industry and offers help and assistance […]

02 Feb

Journalists between Danger and Truth

by خولة عقيل الحمادي

  Technology plays an important role in journalism. It enables us to witness, hear and live worldwide events between countries without being there, or putting our lives at risk. As recent events in this region have shown us, journalists play a crucial role in society. They are the impartial witnesses to war, up-risings, corruption and […]

13 Dec

Governments Worldwide Embracing New Media

by Brian Wesolowski

ictQATAR’s Section Manager on Numbering, Interconnection and Internet Domains, Mohamed Al-Bashir, shares his insight on how government can and are taking advantage of new media to serve their constituents. Visit Mohamed’s blog! Public service organizations around the world are jumping on the new media and web 2.0 bandwagon— engaging citizens through social networks, blogging, developing […]