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20 Jun

Introducing Our All New DIGITAL DIGEST

by Damian Radcliffe

The Digital Digest harnesses and analyzes the very latest trends and developments impacting Qatar and the MENA region The use of the Internet and communication technology is growing rapidly, perhaps more so in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region than anywhere else. Alongside this, recent political changes in the region have resulted in […]

02 May

Technology I Want to See in Qatar: Reward Speed Cameras

by Brian Wesolowski

Can fun change things for the better? When Kevin Richardson entered Volkswagen’s The Fun Theory contest he believed that fun could make roads safer, and in fact, he was right! Richardson’s winning entry in the 2010 VW contest was a Speed Camera Lottery, where speed cameras would be installed across a city and not only would […]

13 Feb

Zamzee: Using Technology and Gamification to Make Fitness Fun for Teens

by Brian Wesolowski

Tomorrow, across Qatar, we will mark the first National Sports Day with a range of activities including walks, mini-marathons, fitness tests and a variety of sporting matches. ictQATAR employees will be taking part in the official Sports Day walk tomorrow morning on the Corniche, and is giving all employees a pedometer so they can start […]