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13 Jul

Apps and Sites to Save Travelers Money

by Julia Astashkina

Inspired by Brian’s blog post, my mind started wondering off to idyllic country inns and the smell of blooming peonies and no travel arrangements to support my fantasies. If you are like me, and yearn for a mid-summer gateway, but your budget is more Al Wakrah than Maldives, don’t automatically assume that it’s too late […]

21 Mar

Is SCVNGR’s Chief Ninja The Next Mark Zuckerberg?

by Anirudh Sharma

Aaron Graves is 8-years-old and a back-end engineer at SCVNGR. His interests include dogs, Legos, Ruby on Rails, and throwing things at girls. Attempts to determine his favorite Sponge Bob character were rebuffed as “plebeian” and… “contributing to the commercialization of childhood,” whatever that means. This is how one of the team members of SCVNGR, […]

19 Aug

Facebook Enters the Check-In World

by Brian Wesolowski

It was just a matter of time before it happened, so when Facebook announced yesterday that it was introducing a location-based service the digital world was not surprised. What was a bit surprising was that on the stage with Facebook during the announcement were representative from foursquare and Gowalla – seemingly Facebook’s prime competitors in […]

01 Apr

foursquare: The Next Mayor of Doha

by Brian Wesolowski

One of the hottest new social networks is foursquare, with some even calling it the next Twitter. It already has more than 700,000 users in less than a year of existence so I figured it was time to join and check it out. foursquare is predominately a mobile social network and the concept is somewhat […]