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07 Feb

WASLA – It’s Connected!

by Mark Jenkins

It’s common knowledge in today’s world that our teenage kids are more tech-savvy than most of us older parents, especially when it comes to using social media or the latest apps. My children exchange looks of resigned despair when their ancient dad says he doesn’t ‘get’ Snap-chat, or struggles to update his profile on more […]

13 Jan

Disrupt or be Disrupted? The Age of Transformation is coming…

by Mark Jenkins

“By 2018, one third of the top 20 companies in every industry will have been disrupted by digitally transformed competitors.” So says Frank Gens, chief analyst at IT intelligence specialists IDC. In simpler terms, that means there’s an Uber knocking at the door of almost every company in every sector. In a recent report by IDC, […]

25 Jan

Apple for teacher – iPad not fruit

by Sarah Spendiff

          Many Internet savvy teachers in Qatar may already be familiar with the late Steve Jobs’ vision for education, which is to Applize it. iTunes U led the way with online seminars and free courses in subjects as diverse as art to heart surgery. These are undertaken much like an Open […]