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30 Aug

R.I.P Your Work Phone & PC

by Sarah Spendiff

News Flash – the work place telephone landline is set to be obsolete according to a group of influential UK businessmen. In a survey by Vanson Bourne for Virgin Media Business, 500 UK Chief Information Officers were questioned on the future of technology in the workplace. Virgin Media Business, an Internet Service Provider, found that […]

15 Aug


by Sarah Spendiff

Now that the cheering and hype for the London 2012 Olympics is over, the cleaning up and reassessing begins. This Olympics was hailed as a truly social media extravaganza so who were the social media winners and what were the scores? The Games kicked off with just less than 3 million tweets on day one […]

01 Aug

Optimizing Arabic Sites for Search

by Sarah Spendiff

A startling fact is that there are 340m Arabic speakers world-wide, yet less than 2% of the content on the internet is currently in Arabic. E-commerce is booming in the region, but many websites are still targeting users in English. As the amount of Arabic content available on the internet is still relatively limited, it […]

16 Jul

The Digital Olympics

by Sarah Spendiff

This year’s Olympics is a game changer in terms of how viewers will consume it. The biggest event in athletics is about to hit the UK and unlike any previous Olympic Games – it is going to be a heavily digital affair. For the first time ever, there will be constant live streaming of all […]

11 Jul

Make a Billion from Mobile Apps

by Sarah Spendiff

ictQATAR is calling for nominations for the best in locally developed mobile content and innovative apps for the 2012 World Summit Award. Mobile content and apps are hot stuff and entrepreneurs are making millions by producing the mobile content that people want. Now the application process for the 2012 World Summit Award has officially opened, […]