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29 Feb

FOSI Conference Aims to Make the Online World Safer for Qatari Families

by Sarah Spendiff

Smartphone usage and Internet access have never had a higher saturation rate in Qatar than they do today. More and more young people are accessing the Internet and sharing their own personal information online. With this free flow of information how can we best protect families, and children in particular, in this global cyberspace. On […]

12 Oct

How Cyber Aware Are You?

by Denise Mc Manus

I recently allowed my children to move something into their bedrooms that created much excitement – their flat metallic boxes. Yes, their laptops, the one piece of equipment that everyone is told NOT to allow into your child’s bedroom.  Both children have an instinctive love for the techno world. They can grasp complicated games and […]

24 Aug

How Strong is Your Password?

by Brian Wesolowski

If you are like me, you probably have about 3-4 different passwords that you use for you multiple online accounts. You use any variation of these for you your Gmail, Facebook, online baking, Twitter or news website subscriptions. Sometimes you forget which of your passwords you entered for a particular site, but if you work […]