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23 Oct

Be Safe at Work!

by Kummam Al Maadeed

For new employees and those who have years of experience, it’s very important to know more about how to protect your work data and keep it safe online. We all focus only on protecting our personal information on our personal device, because the IT department in any organization is responsible for providing all the security […]

23 Apr

Cyber Threats: Qatar Least Infected Country In The Middle-East

by Anirudh Sharma

For the past six years and half, Microsoft has been regularly publishing Microsoft Security Intelligence Report focusing on malicious and potentially unwanted software to provide relevant data, insights, and guidance to help organizations and individuals protect their equipment, software and users. The report has become one of the international benchmarks for assessing the state of threats […]

13 Aug

Stay Safe When Eid Shopping Online

by Sarah Spendiff

As Ramadan draws to a close and families gear up for the Eid celebrations, the annual shopping spree has started to hit full throttle in Qatar. Whilst this is a good and happy time for all, consumers must also ensure that they are keeping their finances safe when shopping online. This is the message passed […]

06 Jun

Holidays & Financial Crime: How to Stay Safe

by Sarah Spendiff

Hurrah for holidays – it is that time of year again in Qatar when the oppressive summer heat causes you to wilt the minute you step outside your front door and you’ve said goodbye to fresh air until late September at the earliest. Therefore, our thoughts turn to traveling somewhere more balmy for a refreshing […]

25 Mar

Protect your PIN says fin.INFOSEC event

by Sarah Spendiff

Sitting in a restaurant in Doha over the weekend I was shocked to hear a fellow customer bellow out the PIN number for his credit card across the room to the waiter bringing him his bill. This is not the first time I have seen this very casual attitude towards protecting sensitive personal financial information. […]