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16 Sep

Online Shopping in Qatar

by Nadim Rifai

 I recently decided to buy a nifty new electronic gadget; a tablet. Due to the unavailability of the specific brand of tablet that I wanted in Qatar, I had to venture into the world of online shopping so I can order it directly from the United States. This sounded simple initially, but at the end […]

06 Jun

Holidays & Financial Crime: How to Stay Safe

by Sarah Spendiff

Hurrah for holidays – it is that time of year again in Qatar when the oppressive summer heat causes you to wilt the minute you step outside your front door and you’ve said goodbye to fresh air until late September at the earliest. Therefore, our thoughts turn to traveling somewhere more balmy for a refreshing […]

25 Mar

Protect your PIN says fin.INFOSEC event

by Sarah Spendiff

Sitting in a restaurant in Doha over the weekend I was shocked to hear a fellow customer bellow out the PIN number for his credit card across the room to the waiter bringing him his bill. This is not the first time I have seen this very casual attitude towards protecting sensitive personal financial information. […]

21 Mar

Fight Cyber-bullying with Angry Birds Game

by Sarah Spendiff

What is your definition of Digital Heaven? Well how about the combination of two things that we at Digital Qatar are passionate about, i.e. playing Angry Birds and fighting Cyber bullying. Yes, these two worthy causes have combined with the release of the new Angry Birds: Space game. This week sees the launch of Rovio’s […]

05 Mar

Advice for Parents Ahead of FOSI Event

by Denise Mc Manus

As more and more young people access the Internet at an ever younger age now is the time to consider online safety. Children love to share information online and enjoy social networking as much as adults, however what are the considerations parents should think about when it comes to popular sites such as Facebook and […]