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26 Sep

Team Qatar Makes An Impact At Global Youth Summit

by William Nestor

It was an incredible experience to be part a group of young professionals working in Qatar who recently travelled to San José, Costa Rica to participate at the BYND 2015 Global Youth Summit. The three-day summit offered a platform for young people to lend their voice and influence decisions at the United Nations post-2015, and […]

21 Mar

Fight Cyber-bullying with Angry Birds Game

by Sarah Spendiff

What is your definition of Digital Heaven? Well how about the combination of two things that we at Digital Qatar are passionate about, i.e. playing Angry Birds and fighting Cyber bullying. Yes, these two worthy causes have combined with the release of the new Angry Birds: Space game. This week sees the launch of Rovio’s […]

29 Feb

FOSI Conference Aims to Make the Online World Safer for Qatari Families

by Sarah Spendiff

Smartphone usage and Internet access have never had a higher saturation rate in Qatar than they do today. More and more young people are accessing the Internet and sharing their own personal information online. With this free flow of information how can we best protect families, and children in particular, in this global cyberspace. On […]

16 Oct

The kids are OK…..online?

by Denise Mc Manus

My son, who is a rather sensitive soul, was physically bullied and verbally abused at his previous school. The perpetrators were not expelled.  They were kept in for one break and reprimanded. This was not their first offense. My son, as a result, stayed in at break times and spent his time in the library. […]

10 Jan

Stop the Silence

by Brian Wesolowski

ictQATAR’s Social Media Specialist, Mina Nagy Takla, shares this insightful post on the important issue of cyber bullying and what can be done to help prevent it. (Also written in Arabic.) One word. That’s all it takes for someone to get really hurt. So what about full videos or pictures or offensive words that many […]