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20 Aug

Want to Start A Blog? Look No Further

by Anirudh Sharma

You have just returned from a fresh, relaxing holiday and are raring with this incredibly exciting desire to share your memorable experiences with your friends. Is there a problem? Well, of course they want to share their “better” holiday experience before you start. So what do you do? You raise a storm about them not […]

01 Nov

Connexions: A WISE Choice for the Future of Education

by Brian Wesolowski

Educators from around the world have flocked to Doha for the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), an initiative of Qatar Foundation, which starts today. Over the three-day Summit, participants will discuss the global challenges and opportunities in education. One of the topics that will certainly be at the center of many discussions is Open […]

26 Sep

Powering an Open Future at the Creative Commons Global Summit

by Brian Wesolowski

Connections. As with any conference or summit, connections are the key to a successful event, and without question the 2011 Creative Commons Global Summit held in Warsaw, Poland helped the CC global community make many connections that will go a long way to powering an open future. The CC Global Summit, which took place September 16-18, […]

11 Jul

Hype it Up!

by Brian Wesolowski

Guest blogger Amy Hollinsworth is a rising senior at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada majoring in Communication Studies.  Amy is currently a summer intern at ictQATAR. Tired of all the mainstream pop and want to discover some amazing, independent music. Well buy into the hype and jump into Hype Machine. I have been using […]