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03 Nov

Your Word or Mine

by Denise Mc Manus

A friend of mine owns a business based in London.  She is a techno geek, a phenomenal cyclist and highly recommended in her field.  She developed her own website and works like a demon.  Recently she found that other companies had been plagiarizing her site and sought legal advice. How did she find out that […]

26 Sep

Powering an Open Future at the Creative Commons Global Summit

by Brian Wesolowski

Connections. As with any conference or summit, connections are the key to a successful event, and without question the 2011 Creative Commons Global Summit held in Warsaw, Poland helped the CC global community make many connections that will go a long way to powering an open future. The CC Global Summit, which took place September 16-18, […]

11 Apr

Protecting Your Digital Content Rights

by Brian Wesolowski

As the amount of digital content being created continues to grow – blog posts, movies, graphic arts, poetry, music and more – protecting the rights of the content creator is an increasingly important topic. Do you mind if people take the song you created and mix it? Does it matter if someone takes your blog […]