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21 Jul

Is Business Ready for the Cloud?

by Brian Wesolowski

Greetings from OSCON in slightly rainy Portland, Oregon. Oh how I have missed the rain!  Appropriately, today is the Cloud Summit, which is taking a look at the potential and future of the cloud from a lot of different angles. Of course, everyone in the room is a big fan of cloud computing and what […]

13 Apr

Join the Internet Society Twitter Jams

by Brian Wesolowski

For those of you who were lucky enough to hear Michael Nelson from Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture and Technology program at his recent talk in Doha, you likely left wanting to know more about the future of the internet. He covered the collaboration phase of the internet, the Internet of Things, the coming Exaflood and […]

18 Aug

Three Ways to Take Advantage of Cloud Computing Right Now

by kvoelker

These days, even if you try really hard, it’s just about impossible to avoid “the cloud” in technology conversations. The internet giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have all launched cloud-based offerings, the US government has announced it’s intention to build federal cloud-based services for its agencies,  and leading technology research firm Gartner recently released […]