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20 May

ICT to Empower Women and Girls in Qatar

by Sarah Spendiff

It is estimated that Qatar will need to double jobs in ICT to 40,000 over the next three years and with a focus on generating more Arabic content on the Internet there has never been a better time for women or girls to enter the ICT profession. The Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology […]

26 Sep

A License to Blog? The Wrong Move if you Want More Arabic Content

by Brian Wesolowski

If you missed it, last week Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Information and Culture announced that it is planning to require all web publishers and online media in the country to register with the government, and yes, this includes bloggers. This is some very disconcerting news for me. A lot of what I have been posting […]

17 Mar

Qatar is Blogging!

by Brian Wesolowski

It’s been about three months since ictQATAR hosted Mudwanat: All About Blogging. The event brought together bloggers from Qatar and across the region, and lots of people just generally interested in blogging. We recently reached out to some of the attendees and got great updates from many of the bloggers and it thrilling to find […]

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09 Dec

Back to Basics on Blogging

by Sarah Hassaine

Our morning routine of coffee and newspapers has changed over time to coffee and popular news websites.  Be it BBC News, New York Times or Al Jazeera, we would scroll through the paper’s subpages reading articles of interest.  However gleaning daily global news from just newspaper articles is becoming almost insufficient – now the trend […]

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