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23 Jun

Risks of Online Gaming

by Editorial Team

Online gaming has become a favorite pastime for young and old alike as advances in technology and high-speed broadband availability has become more accessible. Online gamers are willing to invest time and money on high-end games. However, there are also users who are hesitant to indulge in online gaming for various reasons. Not all games […]

23 Oct

Be Safe at Work!

by Kummam Al Maadeed

For new employees and those who have years of experience, it’s very important to know more about how to protect your work data and keep it safe online. We all focus only on protecting our personal information on our personal device, because the IT department in any organization is responsible for providing all the security […]

28 Aug

Gold … Paper … Bitcoins

by Kummam Al Maadeed

The economy of mankind has developed from a simple Barter system, the use of gold and silver coins to the banknote and paper money stashed in maximum security vaults.  The process took thousands and hundreds of years and now as we’re developing, very rapidly if I may say, into a digital world, we are faced […]

20 Aug

Want to Start A Blog? Look No Further

by Anirudh Sharma

You have just returned from a fresh, relaxing holiday and are raring with this incredibly exciting desire to share your memorable experiences with your friends. Is there a problem? Well, of course they want to share their “better” holiday experience before you start. So what do you do? You raise a storm about them not […]