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11 Jul

Make a Billion from Mobile Apps

by Sarah Spendiff

ictQATAR is calling for nominations for the best in locally developed mobile content and innovative apps for the 2012 World Summit Award. Mobile content and apps are hot stuff and entrepreneurs are making millions by producing the mobile content that people want. Now the application process for the 2012 World Summit Award has officially opened, […]

30 Apr

LinkedIn + Video = Increased Employability

by Sarah Spendiff

This week LinkedIn launched an app for iPad users, essentially adding some seductive features, such as a useful calendar tool that can sync with your existing work calendar, linking to the LinkedIn profiles of the people you’re meeting with. A LinkedIn spokesperson said, “Smart professionals are doing more research on people for meetings, partnerships and […]

15 Apr

Instagram’s Instant Billionaires

by Sarah Spendiff

It has been a big month for Instagram, the free photo sharing app which allows you to instantly upload photos across multiple platforms and be creative with it at the same time. Firstly on April 3 Instagram for Android was released, potentially boosting its already burgeoning customer base. Prior to that it could only be […]

21 Feb

Apple Subscription Plan: Does One Size Really Fit All?

by Brian Wesolowski

Apple’s announcement last week that they plan to start offering subscriptions through their apps store caused quite the stir among publishers and content creators. On the one hand, Apple offering to promote subscriptions through its apps store represents a huge opportunity for newspapers and magazines to monetize access to their content – something they have […]

16 Feb

Google CEO: “Our strongest competitor is Microsoft”

by Anirudh Sharma

It’s indeed out in the open. Speaking at the World Mobile Congress 2011, Eric Schmidt, Google‘s Chairman and Chief Executive, mentioned Microsoft as Google’s top competitor. In his words, “No question, our strongest competitor is Microsoft. They have a strong advertising model. They have the cash, the scale, the brand, and the reach to do good […]