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12 Sep

iPad Only Classrooms in the Gulf

by Sarah Spendiff

The paperless classroom is on the way in the Gulf as the UAE’s Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), the country’s largest higher education institution, is planning to remove paper and pens from classrooms and become the first in the region to roll out iPad-only lessons. The Gulf university has reportedly struck a deal with a […]

16 Jul

The Digital Olympics

by Sarah Spendiff

This year’s Olympics is a game changer in terms of how viewers will consume it. The biggest event in athletics is about to hit the UK and unlike any previous Olympic Games – it is going to be a heavily digital affair. For the first time ever, there will be constant live streaming of all […]

30 May

Flog your Blog: Being Social

by Sarah Spendiff

Blogging is on the increase in Qatar with several active blogs here. ictQATAR recently held a blogging workshop for ‘Women in ICT’ day and have put together this mini series a guide to  ensure the widest possible readership of your blog. Last time Flog your Blog; Getting it Reddit illustrated how to use social bookmarking to promote […]

15 May

Is Your Website Ready for Mobile Technology?

by Sarah Spendiff

Here is the situation: More and more people are accessing the Internet from mobile devices. Here is the problem: Many websites are not geared up to be viewed in this way and with screens being so many shapes and sizes, data can go missing. Here is the solution: Responsive Design – designed for digital technology on […]

10 Apr

Room for a Third Mobile Ecosystem?

by Brian Wesolowski

Apple, Android… Microsoft? What?! Yes we all love our iPhones or HTC’s running Ice Cream Sandwich, but how many of us would think of getting a Microsoft phone? If you’re like many people, you run to Apple and Google due to a certain cool factor. You embrace the culture around the operating systems and products, […]