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25 Sep

5 Benefits of Social Media in Qatar!

by Kummam Al Maadeed

Here’s a fact you need to know, more than half of Qatar’s population are now active social media users and a lot more are on the internet. A recent study by Northwestern University in Qatar shows that over 86% of Qatar’s residents use the Internet, which is more than those who read newspapers, magazines or […]

12 May

Technology & Education – Our Best Gift To Mothers And Mothers-To-Be

by Anirudh Sharma

Many parts of the world are celebrating Mother’s Day today, even though Qatar celebrated it earlier already. It is meaningful to celebrate motherhood on a special dedicated day even though they work hard every single day, hour, and minute to ensure their children grow up to be smart, intelligent, caring and considerate citizens of the […]

28 Mar

Tips on Accessibility

by cashel

It is only fair that all web sites should be accessible to people with disabilities, and to the assistive devices they use to navigate the web. This post outlines key principles and resources relating to accessibility. High Rates of Disabilities The issue of accessibility is quite a significant one. In the US and Europe for […]

28 Jan

Web Accessibility as a Government Mandate?

by Brian Wesolowski

Most web developers know that they should make their websites accessible to persons with disabilities, such as including captions for videos to assist the hearing impaired, designing navigation so it can be done through a keypad as opposed to a mouse and including descriptive captions for the blind. But too often developers choose fancy design […]