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15 Aug


by Sarah Spendiff

Now that the cheering and hype for the London 2012 Olympics is over, the cleaning up and reassessing begins. This Olympics was hailed as a truly social media extravaganza so who were the social media winners and what were the scores? The Games kicked off with just less than 3 million tweets on day one […]

19 Jul

Ramadan Kareem

by فريق ديجيتال قطر

ictQATAR wishes you Ramadan Mubarak! May Allah’s blessings be bestowed on all and bring much happiness and prosperity.

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17 Apr

Cool Technology I Want to See in Qatar: Strawberry Trees

by Brian Wesolowski

As the title suggests, I’m doing a series on cool technology I’d like to see in Qatar. I plan to do one post a week for the next couple of months. Qatar has definitely come a long way technologically, but it still lacks that cutting-edge wow factor when it comes to trying new technologies. Let […]