The Upcoming Industrial Revolution

by · November 11, 2015

Since the inception of technology and the rise of the internet, the notion of machines taking over the manual work millions of humans occupy around the globe was the only inevitable future. The question is: are we there yet?

Within the past few years, many engineers and scientists tried to get the first smart manufacturing robot to fix all that is wrong with the conventional machines. The smart machines will be more adaptable, be able to process data and translate them into actiautomationon, and hopefully cope with the different and several variations in objects.

What made me write this article was an interesting article about a fruit-sorting robot built by a British consulting firm. As small as an act that was, the effect of programming that robot to understand the difference between the fruits colors and sizes can be revolutionary in the world of smart industrial robots.

From there I went to find other robots who can be that smart robot the industrial revolution is looking for. In another article, a robot named Baxter is developed in Boston, USA. The robot is designed with a pair of eyes on its screen that allow any human working around him to know if Baxter is working properly or not. Once Baxter is done with his task, the worker can show it how to start with its next task. It’s all about making the machine smart enough to adapt to the factory needs.

Great works are being done in this sector and many other companies are on the way to develop these smart robots, including Universal Robots — a unique tech startup out of Denmark.

The obvious downside of this new phase in the industrial sector is the minimization of human workers in the factory. I mean the place would only need few maintenance employees, just in case the robots went on error mood. However, many argued that those employees could be utilized in other sector where they can get better education and work opportunities. Yet, I ask this, will there be enough jobs for everyone? If I had to answer that, I would say that humans have survived many changes throughout the thousands of years we’ve been on earth. I think it will be interesting to see what’s the new workforce trend that will answer that question.

If you know of any other emerging smart robots or have any thought on this post, share them with us.

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