Qatar’s Smart Education

by · September 15, 2015

Unlike previous generations, the millennials enjoy the benefits of growing up in a sophisticated, everything at the tip of your finger, technology. The possibilities and opportunities are endless in front of them, especially in the field of education. They don’t have to travel or spend years trying to learn something new, they can just grab their phone and google it!

Going back to school in Qatar University after finishing my Bachelor degree in 2011 made me realize how advanced education has become in Qatar. Online resources such as books and articles are available and widely used and many software are available to make student’s life easier, like Blackboard, a learning management system which facilitate virtual and in class learning and Banner, an online registration system which help student find their classes, register and keep tap o their academic records. Everything is done online from submitting requests to paying online. I can do a lot just by clicking few buttons on my keyboard! In preparation for the new academic year 2015/2016, Qatar University launched a new application, QU Mobile for students and academic professors. I never thought I needed an App until I used it!


Other than that, the Supreme Council of Education has a whole e-learning portal where students, teachers and even parents can interact and benefit more from the school experience. The portal aims to “provide a learning environment where learners, teachers, researchers and wider institutional stakeholders use technology to enhance the overall educational experience by providing flexible and high quality learning tools that encourage creativity, diverse personal , teaching and research.” The portal adopted projects that includes Learning Management System, e-Library, e-Content and providing tablets to every student.

The concept of e-learning will keep developing year after year and more and more online courses are offered to students and the general public as well and many free resources such as the huge collection of e-books and documents in the Qatar National Library. It’s not too late for us, non-millennials! So, let’s take advantage of this opportunity and grow our own skills and talents through the smart education.

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