Tech Startups in Doha: Determined to Succeed

by · September 10, 2015

The tech startup scene is new to Qatar. A country totally blessed with natural resources, is just taking the right turn to diversify its economy. A recent study ranked Doha as a city under the category of  “Experimenter” in the area of initiatives implemented for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. I, for one, don’t disagree too much with this, and no one needs to haggle over the classification either. Let’s face it,  this is all new to us, but we will not be the new kid on the block forever either.  A few years ago, apart from the Silicon Valley every other startup city in the world was where we are now. So, we are, by no means in uncharted territory. On the plus side, we have so much to learn from, we can be hopeful of reaching the goal post faster.

Qatar is my temporary adopted home and from everything I have heard, read and continue to see, the resilience that is seen in Qatar in everything it does, will prevail with Tech Startups as well.

As for our Incubation Center – a dedicated tech incubator center in Qatar, funded by the government – it has already seen 21 startups at different stages of its life cycle pass through its doors in the last three years. Some of them have gone on to become successes in the market.

We have a Vision :

The following is our formula for success. During this journey of 2 years The Digital Incubation Center provides mentoring, training, customer connections, industry contacts, funding options, R&D support, networking, space, administration support in finance,  legal and  IT. While we help the startups to dream, we must dream big as well for ourselves and also on behalf of them. We want to be the catalyst that will help realize the emergence of the first ever Qatari “Unicorn”.

So far we believe we have a good thing going. We treat our vision and our program as a startup, full of energy, a strong will to succeed, and also the agility and the mind-set to change with times and needs. We want to be the disrupter.

DIC Chart

So enough about us. Let’s look at the people who make us who we are. Below are brief introductions to the 10 startups that my team and I work with daily, and who we believe will be trendsetters in this new phase of tech entrepreneurship in Qatar.

Fi Technologies  is a unique and innovative Wi-Fi advertising platform that provides Wi-Fi management solutions in places such as coffee shops, hotels, clinics, airports and malls, and allows advertisers to connect to their potential customers through a smart Multi-Media platform.

Ozone Studios is an award-winning media production company. As a production company it takes care of the entire creative process from start to finish. The uniqueness of Ozone in video production marketplace, is the breadth and quality of their motion graphics and animation work.

Evently is a mobile application to discover all events in Qatar. The company upto now has featured over 600 events during the past 12 months through their mobile app, social media, mobile website and their weekly newsletter.

Raqami is a digital media company that aims to help technology consumers across the Arab world have access to technology news, reviews, & tutorials in their native language. Raqami is the only digital media service that provides this service in the region.

Shabab Falcon is an eCommerce platform connecting consumer and retailer, which enables customers to place orders for exciting new fashion brands and products in Qatar and the region.

Qatar Best Deals delivers a unique eCommerce solutions for the Qatari market by combining engineering, research, marketing, and design. The company works with local businesses assisting them to enjoy a quick integration with the eCommerce platform and grow their business through online                                    shopping.

Qatar Hire is platform that is an all-inclusive destination for hiring, job hunting, contracting, and even advertising! Manpower agent can permit users to create unique profiles about the services they offer. Qatar Hire is a localized solution that understands the local hiring processes and the needs.                                          Qatar.

Travelown is a Corporate Travel Management company which offers a comprehensive range of integrated travel management solutions for business travel and related events, providing clients with the technology and service to manage their business travel with maximum efficiency. can be thought of as Doha’s First Online Shopping Mall. It is a growing marketplace that connects trendy consumers with quality businesses in Doha by promoting exquisite experiences, services and great value offers.

Meddy is an online platform ,where users can find Doctors, Their reviews, waiting times, locations, etc. Meddy has already connected with over 700 Doctors and 100 clinics.

Our Idea Stage teams. 

The Incubation Center is also the host for a bunch of enthusiastic people who believe that they have something unique and great. These are our Idea Stage incubatees. These guys go through a 6 month program with our support to see where they reach with their ideas. While we hope all succeed , the reality is that the journey is tough and takes a lot of passion, dedication and self-motivation.

Diet Hub – Smart innovative solution that is foreseen to be an integral part of smart homes, smart cities lifestyle, and the Internet of Things schemes that people will adopt in the near future. The “Diet Hub” system allows a user to measure, record, aggregate, analyze and integrate data related to their diet in a single platform.

E Parking – A smart parking System that helps car drivers to find an empty space easily inside a crowded parking area. With a mobile application interface and with hardware and software connectivity behind it, It helps drivers from the point of entering a car park and getting a token to reserve an empty space exclusively for their own usage and provide them with the required information to reach that place. If payment is required, an online payment option will also be integrated.

RedBox Social – Redbox Social is a cloud-based social networks with a niche focus to bring people together. It is a one of a kind service that sets you up with a fully customizable social network platform that can be adapted to fit any concept, as well as a dedicated team to manage it, so you can kick start your projects while we take care of all the technical details.

Bawtaqa – A platform that allows event owners to easily and quickly book venues for their planned events. Bawtaqa will address this problem by bringing venues together in one place and in a format that makes it fast and simple to find and book a place that fits your exact needs.

IG LUX – An intelligent street lights solution powered by solar energy and driven by an intelligent Central Processing Unit (CPU). This solution offers many interactive features through a wireless mode of communications among the lights and provides an effective way to control the whole system from a remote monitoring station.

V PoB – Virtual Post Office Box -V.POB is a mobile app that offers a new, more convenient way to handle your post mail. With the remote mailbox service, people can keep in contact and track their paper mail & parcel wherever they are.

LIVE Classroom – Easy to use web application, live and interactive classroom that let the teachers deliver after school online class sessions with real-time collaboration with students.

Hashtag Shopping –  A mobile platform that brings together Instagram sellers together to one platform to give a unique shopping experience to users.

For more information on the Digital Incubation Center, you can visit the website.

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