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by · July 26, 2015

We all experienced the horrifying moment of sending an email with typos, or worse the embarrassing text message to the wrong person. But what if we can undo this action and recall the email or text we sent? This is the ultimate feature that all digital devices’ users wish for and something that the digital companies are trying to achieve and some have succeeded.

The recent to join this very exclusive club is Gmail with the Undo Send, which the user can enable through the setting option. This feature allows a pause up to 30 seconds for the email user to undo the send request and the email will stay in the inbox and won’t be sent. In order to enable this feature in your account, you can visit the Gmail Help site or follow the steps below:

undo - Gmail

Another email application, the Microsoft Outlook, has been offering the feature to recall an email since 2007. The feature allows the user to recall an email he/she had sent if the recipient didn’t open it. It can also offer the option to recall and replace the email with a new message. To learn how to use this feature, you can visit Microsoft Support or follow the steps below:

undo - Outlook

On the text side, BlackBerry introduced the feature to retract a BBM message even after it was sent and also if needed, time the sent message to only appear for specific time and then disappear from the recipient phone. How great is that? However, as per the company’s announcement, these features were free for limited time and would only be available later on for service subscribers. For more information on these services, visit the Inside BlackBerry blog.

With all of these features developed into the daily applications we use, the option to recall every message and adjust them is soon to come our way and our wish will be fulfilled.

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