Establishing Good Reputation Online

by · June 7, 2015

Managing and maintaining online reputation is not just for business organizations; any individual who holds a digital identity should know that their cyber-life may determine their future.

Nowadays, no matter how careful you are about your personal information, some friend may upload a picture of yours on their social media accounts and also tag you on online photos, or your name could appear on blog posts or articles. So when you are online, it is evident that some personal information of yours will surface somewhere on the Internet.

The following are a few pointers that can be practiced for maintaining a good reputation online.

Practice courtesy and post respectful content: When you upload a blog post or an article online, let it contain praise worthy content that would impress people and not offend anyone. Be mindful of the fact that Internet is accessible to known as well as unknown audience, so be cautious of the content you post as it can cause unnecessary reactions from different directions on the Internet, thus negatively affecting your reputation online.

Evaluate your comments: Based on your comments, people judge your character and form an opinion about you. If you are commenting on someone’s blog, post, or picture, let your words be with grace and respect. If you want to highlight some errors in the post, present it in a way that will not hurt the author of the post. If you feel that your comments might upset him / her, please do not comment.

Be active on social media: Be aware that social media sites can be possible threats to your online reputation; however, the same social media sites can be used effectively to build and protect your reputation in the digital world. You can use social networking sites, such as LinkedIn which contains a network of professional profiles to build a professional reputation online.

Be supportive and show consideration to others: Be respectful towards other users online, write to them kindly. Your attitude will be highly appreciated and will contribute to your good reputation online.

Build a network of like-minded people online: Let your social networking sites contain users whom you know reasonably well and build a network of positive-minded people in all your online accounts. So, your information and the information posted by others will be towards building each other’s reputation online.

Participate in educational and career oriented forums: Subscribe to educational and career oriented forums to submit your queries regarding your educational and career decisions. Most of these forums have Subject Matter Experts and professionals from reputed corporates. When your creative ideas are reviewed and the blogs articles that you post impress them, you already stand the chance of being considered for good career opportunities. They would also recommend your skill sets to others. This is just one way of advertising yourself.

The pointers we highlighted above can help you establish your reputation in the right way online. If you have not paid attention so far, start doing it from now on. Maintaining your online reputation is about preparing yourself to be projected in the right light over the web. This preparation is not a onetime effort; it is a continuous effort and a lifelong activity.


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