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by · December 31, 2014

The new Application economy has ushered new business opportunities to the Middle East and North African companies and corporations. In many ways applications have changed the way companies do business, from initially being restricted to physical and perhaps website based marketplaces. Businesses now are in the pocket of millions of potential customers at any one time. In a matter of a few years it can be said that we are living in an Application economy. Almost everything is driven by a connected, mobile, application world where customers are far more likely to experience brand and interact with an enterprise through a software application than a live person.

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“DevOps” short for Development operations is a software development method that stresses communications, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT professionals. Organizations and professionals in the Middle East understand that Innovation is at the core of companies that succeed in the Application Economy. Leading companies accelerate the delivery of proven and high quality applications that give them a competitive advantage.

A recent study by CA technologies interviewing 1,450 senior business executives titled “How to Survive and Thrive in the Application Economy” highlighted that there were clear benefits for organizations embracing the application economy. Organizations which were identified as leaders in the study, have seen double the revenue growth which was driven by new business offerings.

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Software has been at the core of an estimated 80 billion app downloads per year. In order for truly succeed in this new environment , all industries are challenged by the need to innovate, develop and deliver superior user experiences that engage the public, and it is all driven by software.

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