A Tour at ITU Telecom World 2014

by · December 9, 2014

On Sunday 7th of December, the ITU Telecom World 2014 was launched in Qatar with a high tech beautiful opening ceremony that was attended by more than 50 ministers from across the globe. During the first and second days, I had the privilege of taking a tour around the exhibition hall where many countries and international companies set up their booths to showcase the newest in the information and communication technology sector.


As I walked around in the exhibition hall, I felt like I was traveling the world while passing through colorful and very high tech booths and walking amongst robots, literary! I was very intrigued by the innovative display that caught my eyes and the variety of ideas and technologies. I learned about many countries in Africa like Kenya, Rwanda, Cameron and Nigeria that are using ICT to harness the solar power, filling the gap in their public systems with new technologies like educational laptops, electronic cards for public transportation and to protect their network with cyber security programs. In the Asian side, Thailand is developing a coherent strategy to develop digital economies in order to elevate the population lifestyle and wealth, and in the Chinese booth you can find all what is new in the smart phones sector and what’s new in the rising Smart Cities technologies. On the other hand, the telecom companies’ booths displayed the newest devices in the telecom sector that even included video games! The major subjects that caught my attention was the new ways of using cloud computing and the future of 5G.m


The innovative lab in ITU Telecom World was fun and very educational as I stood there and listened to many exhibitors explaining how the devices from robots to weird looking objects are used for environmental and humanitarian purposes. I really enjoyed seeing how many inventors dedicated their work to these great ideas.

I was very excited to be presented by all that is new and innovative and to see how many entities are pulling their resources to work for the people and enhancing their lives and helping them adopt ICT in their day-to-day activities.


Next year, Budapest will be hosting ITU World Telecom 2015. In the light of their interesting booth and all the preparation they have for this year, I am already very excited for the coming forum as well.

Along the exhibition, a forum with more than 170 international expert speakers is held to open the conversation on distribution, cross-sector partnership and the intelligent future. ITU World Telecom will be open until tomorrow Wednesday 10th of December.

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