5 Benefits of Social Media in Qatar!

by · September 25, 2014

shutterstock_199220477 (Custom)Here’s a fact you need to know, more than half of Qatar’s population are now active social media users and a lot more are on the internet. A recent study by Northwestern University in Qatar shows that over 86% of Qatar’s residents use the Internet, which is more than those who read newspapers, magazines or listen to the radio. As a business or an entrepreneur, this should matter to you, because it opens the gate for a growing market.

No matter the reasons, the fact remains that people are choosing to be on the Internet now more than ever, creating the world’s largest potential market. The largest stores are now online, with millions of users, buyers and sellers. So, if you’re an entrepreneur, a business leader, an enthusiast of some cause or idea, or just a regular junkie, knowing the benefits of social media could matter to  you.

  1. Accessibility

These days almost all social media platforms are accessible on smart phones and tablets. Currently mobile penetration in Qatar is at a historic high, worldwide. Unlike a screen monitor for example, one does not need to be glued to an armchair, an office desk or limited by a particular space at all. If you are on-the-go, social media is perfect for you and your potential customer.

  1. Customization

Social media enables you to tailor the content you receive to your own personal preferences, time and convenience. You no longer have to wait for that TV show to come out at a specific airing time; you can watch it at your own pace online. This has created a huge shift in the behavior of media recipients. An example of that would be how people in the Arab world opting to watch Ramadan Musalsalat (which are very special and seasonal TV series) online. The  conventional media, who planned to be ahead of the curve, began to understand that shift and cater to it accordingly, instead of fighting it. Similarly, if you are a provider of content you can tailor your media material and information to a niche audience within your target demographics. There are ways to control things like the gender, age and location of the recipients. Needless to say that content can be varied as well, more than any variety show.

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  1. Interactivity and Engagement

Social media provides a two-way route for communication. It enables users to give feedback to media providers. This can be highly beneficial for you and your business. You can also mobilize a very large group of people online, and get them interested in your brand, idea or service in a more interactive way, more than ever achieved with the traditional marketing tools.

  1. Cost Effective!

Social media services are not always free, but the money you put in could pay back! You will not be disappointed with the result. The World Wide Web is an abundant pool of resources, and social media is one of the most beneficial methods to get your message out there. In the printing industry for example, you’re limited by the number of copies (a number which would never come close to or exceed the overall population size anyway); on the internet however, that limit is not that hard to reach.  Basically, you can reach an indefinite number of people with a finite budget.

  1. Analytics!

The really cool thing about social media is the tools that can be used to track your business’s online performance. You are always in the know. Therefore, you can constantly adjust and modify your online performance to optimize your outreach.

The benefits of social media can be experienced elsewhere; however, those are relevant to Qatar because of the abundance in access. When one starts thinking of users as consumers and potential target, those benefits resonate more and can be utilized in a better way.

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