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by · September 9, 2014

Hello, my name is Kummam and I’m a phone addict and I’m in need of a Digital Detox!

Yes, that’s true, phones and other devices are becoming so involved in our lives that sometimes we let them control us rather than us controlling them. Don’t take me wrong, technology is amazing and very helpful, but too much of a good thing always lead to negative effect. It’s like food! Food is delicious and fun, but if we eat too much, we get sick.

With technology, we don’t precisely get sick in the same way, but it does affect our lives and it’s already changing our habits. For example, how many times have we heard the phrases: “Will you leave your phone and listen to me?” and “Can you all stop taking photos so we can start eating?” This shows how sometimes we forget to enjoy the moment in life and the company of our friends and family and get sucked into the attraction of the virtual life.

The revelation came to me that I need to ease my dependency on my phone when I had to leave my phone with security as I was entering an embassy. I was anxious throughout the day until I left and had my phone resting in my hand again.  So, If you felt anxious whenever you forgot your phone or felt life is going to end because your phone battery reached 10%, then maybe you need a Digital Detox too.

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To put it in a simple way, digital detox  is just a period of time that you disconnect yourself from everything digital. It allows you to reconnect with yourself and regenerate so when you’re back in the real world, you feel more focused. There are a lot of retreats that offer that service around the world, but you can also do it by yourself. And don’t worry, it is doable!

General tips:

  • Slow Start: Don’t cut yourself from the digital world at once! Start with deleting all the apps that you don’t use and don’t hesitate, because if you haven’t use them but one time since their download, you won’t use them again. After that you can reduce the amount of social media channels you’re using. No, you don’t need to have 10 accounts, just narrow it down to the most used one.
  • Tell Your Friends: Let your friends and family know that you’re doing this, so they don’t panic from the sudden disappearance of your digital trace. They also can be your support group in this process.
  • Make Time: You need to dedicate the time for this, a weekend once a month or one day a week. The best obvious choice is when you’re on vacation, when you can completely disconnect and no one will blame you for not answering an email or like their Instagram photo.
  • Enjoy Life: When you keep your devices locked somewhere, you will start noticing the beauty of life (after the anxiety wear off for sure). Go for a walk, enjoy a time with your friends outside, or visit a place in the city you never been to before.

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There are so many other great tips out there, so if you want you can research different types of detox and choose the one that feels good for you.

In the end, just remember, enjoy your digital devices, but keep in mind that moderation is always the best way to go.

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