Monthly : September 2014

29 Sep

Affordable “Back to School” ICT Solutions for Marginalized Students

by منى يونس

This month’s Tech Top 10 explores how technology can help with going “Back to School” – wherever you live and whatever age you are. One area where technology has demonstrated a recent impact is supporting people at time of disruption. In particular, education in refugee camps and following emergencies (like earthquakes or other natural disasters) […]

25 Sep

5 Benefits of Social Media in Qatar!

by Kummam Al Maadeed

Here’s a fact you need to know, more than half of Qatar’s population are now active social media users and a lot more are on the internet. A recent study by Northwestern University in Qatar shows that over 86% of Qatar’s residents use the Internet, which is more than those who read newspapers, magazines or […]

09 Sep

Digital Detox

by Kummam Al Maadeed

Hello, my name is Kummam and I’m a phone addict and I’m in need of a Digital Detox! Yes, that’s true, phones and other devices are becoming so involved in our lives that sometimes we let them control us rather than us controlling them. Don’t take me wrong, technology is amazing and very helpful, but […]