Monthly : August 2014

28 Aug

Gold … Paper … Bitcoins

by Kummam Al Maadeed

The economy of mankind has developed from a simple Barter system, the use of gold and silver coins to the banknote and paper money stashed in maximum security vaults.  The process took thousands and hundreds of years and now as we’re developing, very rapidly if I may say, into a digital world, we are faced […]

24 Aug

Shopping via Social Media

by شهد دولة

Clearly, social media plays an essential role in our lives. We post updates about the activities we participate in, interests we have, and important life events like starting a new job or graduating or marriage. Just the other day I was invited to a friend’s engagement party through Facebook. But is shopping among the many […]

19 Aug


by Wael Yousef

Have you ever thought about selfie and selfieing? What does it really mean to take a selfie? Is it old? New? Old-new? Does it reflect narcissism? Loneliness? Self-esteem? Reflects nothing at all? Is it a big deal? Is it a harmless fun or dangerous obsession? Is it really worth the noise? I will be brainstorming […]