Technologies for a Productive Ramadan

by · July 17, 2014

Ramadan is a time for compassion, and the spirit of doing good is no doubt very visible during the month. It’s the time of year when Muslims try to do as many charitable deeds as possible, and donate as much as they can.

So, what’s a better time than now to share with you some telecom and technological services that have been created to facilitate social good?

Let’s start with Nakhweh, a volunteer matching platform in the Arab world that connects volunteering opportunities with individuals across various Arab countries. The platform is bilingual, and it aims presents its database in a simple and easy to search way.



Next is an app directly related to Ramadan that aims to help Muslims track their worship activities by breaking them into daily “to do” lists. Those might include things like visiting a sick person, and connecting with relatives. The app is called the Ramadan Tracker and you can read more about it, and other similar apps here.

Also in the Arab world, a toll-free line and SMS phone number was established to aid Syrian refugees in finding their lost family members. The concept is simple, a refugee checks-in by calling or texting the number, and then when another family member calls too, the hotline operators can help connect both parties. This service, Refugees United, has also been used to support refugees in Kenya, Congo and Somaliland.

You might also have come across the popular Twitter campaign “Tweet to donate” or غرد_بالخير#. The idea, also simple, is that 1 Saudi Riyal will be donated for any tweet carrying the hashtag. The campaign has managed to raise close to 1 million Saudi Riyals.



If you’re an Arabic speaker, you might be familiar with the phrase لو عندك دم that literally translates to “if you have blood.” Well, if you haven’t it’s an online service in Egypt named just that, and it connects blood donors with patients. Cool name right?

Finally, let’s end this blog with a technology you can find right here in Qatar, the Zakat ATM. Yes, this ATM does exactly what it sounds like: a portal for people to donate their yearly Zakat and alms. Individuals can insert money directly into the machine and also select the kind of project they would like the money to go towards, whether it is education projects, building mosques, water projects…etc.


Want more? For a full list of 10 techs in the field of social good, check out this edition of the Tech Top 10s:

Ramadan Kareem!

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