10 Tech Developments in the Middle East

by · July 10, 2014

As always, the digital realm in the Middle East continues to grow rapidly, and in the last three months, a lot has happened. For the full picture, take a look at the latest edition of the Digital Digest, or continue reading this blog for some snippets.

Social Media

1. Qatari’s use Instagram more than they use Facebook, or any other social media channels  for that matter, as Instagram’s uptake rises to 46%. As the figures below demonstrate, Twitter is used by 37% of Qataris, and Facebook by 36%.


2. Facebook is the most preferred social log-in network across the Middle East. When people in the region are asked by a website or an app if they would like to register or “log-in” via an existing social media account, 78% use Facebook. This might not be shocking given that Facebook is the most widely used social network in MENA.



3.  Arab youth have a growing trust in social media services as a source of news, according to the latest Arab Youth Study. However Television still remains the most trusted news source to this age group across the region, but as the figure below shows, that trust seems to be depleting. Will social media eventually overtake TV?




4. UAE is named the fiber capital of the world, according the FTTH report. Who knew the Middle East was home to the world’s most strongly developed countries in fiber optics infrastructure?

5. According to Ipsosonly 6% of Egyptians own a smartphone, while the owenership of smartphones elsewhere in the region easily exceeds 60%.



6. Qatar leads the Middle East in the “Network Readiness Index.” The index also shows quite a variance between GCC and other countries in the region, where the GCC appeared to be more network ready than elsewhere.

Digital Content

7. Jawabkom, the Arab Quora? Very similar to Quora in concept, this website hosts 1,230 experts in a variety of fields who are ready to answer any questions, all in Arabic.



8. What are the most purchased products online in the Middle East? Airline tickets! This is according to the The Arab World Online, which also indicates low levels of e-Commerce across the region.



9. Doha is the Middle East’s most “Selfi-taking” city. Yes, Time Magazine studied which cities in the world take the most selfies to post on social media, and Doha ranked first in the Middle East. Can you guess which city in the world ranked number one? Click here for the answer.

10. PWC expects digital ads to grow in the coming years, but traditional TV ads will maintain their hold over the largest market share.







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