New Mobile App Provides Consumers in Qatar with Free and Transparent Information

by · March 18, 2014

Scan this QR code to download Arsel

Scan this QR code to download Arsel

Did you know that every household in Qatar owns at least three mobile phones and one smart phone? And a staggering 86% of ICT users access the Internet from a smart phone? With a growing number of mobile phone users in Qatar, improved mobile broadband services and better choices of Internet data packages from the service providers, mobile media is quickly becoming the most popular form of communication.

However, with an increase in users comes an increase in issues, which is why Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA)  designed and developed a new mobile application, Arsel.

Available on Android, and soon to appear on iOS and BlackBerry, Arsel, which means ‘to send’ in Arabic was launched by the Consumer Affairs at CRA. The app is designed to enhance the accessibility and usability of local mobile and network service providers. It allows users to report live feedback or escalate existing complaints against their service provider.

One of Arsel’s many features is the interactive map that gives users an indication of areas where there may be a lack of coverage or no service based on the crowdsourced feedback and reflected on the map as pins.

Another trendy feature of the app is the Internet speed test; have you ever felt annoyed when that important work email will just not load? This test allows you to find out exactly how fast or slow your Internet speed is and using this information you can decide if you want to lodge a complaint against your provider or not. 

Also, we all have been in a situation when during times like national holidays customer service centers are slow – everyone seems to be off. Do not worry, the developers have that covered. The app has a unique built-in feature that automatically alerts admin staff if the feedback about a specific issue exceeded the predefined threshold within one hour. Admin staff will be sent an email and an SMS alerting them of the issues allowing them to deal with the problems in a timely manner.

If Arsel is adopted by even half of all smartphone users in Qatar, we can help equip Ooredoo and Vodafone Qatar with the knowledge they need to improve our mobile, fixed line and network services. So what are you waiting for?

Download Arsel now, test your Internet speed or drop a pin!

Post By Julia Astashkina (25 Posts)

Julia Astashkina is heading the Marketing and Outreach Section at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Qatar. She runs organization’s multiple communications and marketing initiatives and is a guest blogger of the Digital Qatar blog. Julia has extensive experience in strategic marketing, communications, and social innovation. She has an MBA and other degrees from Georgetown and ESADE, and is the community lead for Creative Commons Qatar.


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