Facebook or Twitter, which social network do Qataris use more?

by · February 22, 2014

Nearly 45% of Qatar’s entire population visit a social media website at least once every day, according to research by Northwestern University in qatar. On average, people in Qatar spend over 2 hours a day on social media websites, with young people particularly active  spending an average of 4 hours/day on these channels.

A few weeks ago, we published our annual roundup of social media developments across the Middle East. Alongside this, we have prepared a second report, with a more local flavor, looking only at the story of social media in Qatar. Feel free to check out the report below, or keep reading for a summary of the key points.

High Connectivity

Qatar is among the world’s most Internet connected countries, with individual Internet penetration levels reaching 88% – highest in the Middle East.

But what social networks do the residents of Qatar visit most? Well, like elsewhere in the region, the social media site with the largest pool of users is Facebook. 88% of those social networking in Qatar are on Facebook. The numbers shrink in half when compared to the second-most-used social network, Twitter – 43%. Instagram follows at 17%, making it the third most used social network in the country.

Looking at this data from a high level makes Facebook seem like it truly dominates this scene. However, when looking at the numbers closer, the story can change.

For example, when looking at how youth use social media we find that the gap between Facebook and Twitter shrinks significantly. 79% of young adults in Qatar cite using Facebook regularly, while 57% report using Twitter just as often. Young adults also enjoy using Instagram, with 34% of them saying they do on a regular basis, which is a high jump from the overall number mentioned above.

When breaking down the population by nationality, the story of social media gets even more interesting.

Facebook is the most used social network by Arab, Western and Asian expats living in Qatar, however, not the most used by Qataris. In fact, where 65% of Qatari social networkers are on Facebook, 65% of them are equally on Twitter. Facebook in this instance is no longer a victor, but is in tie.

Instagram follows not too far behind, with 48% of Qatari social networkers using it. Qataris use Instagram disproportionately more than any other nationality group in the country. Only 12% of Arab Expats report using Instagram regularly, and 5% and 8% of Asian and Westerner expats respectively.

Personally, I tend to be most active on Facebook. Which social network do you use the most and why?

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